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Pour-Over Coffee Bags - Variety Packs

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3 packs per box: 1 Sumatra Rasuna (Tiger), 1 Sumatra Gayo (Butterfly), 1 Bali (Lion)

7 packs per box: 2 Sumatra Rasuna (Tiger), 3 Sumatra Gayo (Butterfly), 2 Bali (Lion)


Sumatra Rasuna (Tiger): Medium Roast · Tropical Fruit, Earthy hints

Sumatra Gayo (Butterfly): Medium-Dark Roast · Dark Chocolate, Herbs hints

Bali (Lion): Medium-Dark Roast · Citrus, Herbs hints


100% Arabica Specialty Coffee | Single Origin All Natural | No Preservatives | No Plastic Contents | Eco-friendly Paper Filter Inside and Recyclable Aluminum Exterior Packaging I  Compact size filter bag to minimize waste

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